2018 is a number eleven year numerologically, well technically it is an 11/2 year meaning that it holds the energy of a 2 year but also the energy of a Master number 11 year as well. 2018 is a GATEWAY year!  This is the year that I describe as the year to walk through the gateway and meet yourself! Are you ready to meet the real you? The you that is uninhibited and weighed down mentally and emotionally by past patternings and outdated belief systems?

Meet the Real You 2018

Are you ready to join me on a powerful exploration over a seven month journey?

We will be delving deep into each of our seven major chakra energy points. Releasing old belief systems to free ourselves from outdated past patterning, whilst we observe vows associated with each chakra, setting clear intentions to move into meeting our true essence but also to birthing our life purpose into being.

Deena Young-Kenyon - Reiki Master

Holistic healing has been my passion for many years, working as a Reiki Master, I’ve combined many healing modalities I studied over time, resulting in this beautiful and transformative workshop. I’ve come to understand where the most integral focus for my healing work needs to be at this time, which is to guide others in working with the major chakras, for this is the time to start anew.

I have been doing this deeply satisfying work over the past several years, having worked with many others committed to the same healing path. I am truly amazed by the results and the freedom, which manifests when another old vow or limiting belief is finally released.

I know firsthand how these old patterns can control our lives, smother us in fear and prevent us from living our life to its full potential. The sweet bliss and liberation that occurs when these blocks, which have prevented us for so long, are finally released; where they no longer have a hold on us.

How amazing it is to break free from these outdated programs, hearing the song of our soul, calling us to take flight in the world and allowing us to live the life that we know we deserve.

I want this freedom for you too! I want you to swim uninhibited in your soul, giving rise to the magnificent being that you are and always have been. I want you to see yourself as you truly are.

If this calls to you; if your heart and soul are screaming YES when you read this, be brave and take action, it is time. Join me on this journey of self-discovery.

Why Do You Need This??

The chakras are centres in our bodies in which energy flows. Each of the seven major chakras relate to specific organs, psychological, emotional and spiritual states of being eg the root or base chakra is related to security, stability and our basic needs. When this chakra is open and free from limiting beliefs or vows we feel safe and fearless. A limiting belief or vow related to this chakra could be, "I vow to live and speak the truth of my family", on the surface this seems ok but what if these family truths are not in alignment with your soul? How can you truly manifest the security and stability in your world when you are out of balance in such an intrinsic way?

It is therefore essential to keep the energy flowing freely in our seven main chakras to help them stay opened, aligned and fluid. If there is a blockage, energy cannot flow and we become ill, fearful and stagnant in our energy. If there is a limiting belief or vow, we cannot manifest the life we are meant to live.

By Committing to This Program

  • you will remove and clear deep seated beliefs, vows and patternings that are holding you back from your freedom, your desires and from living the life you are meant to live

  • you will create a new way of living for yourself, with new opportunities, new riches, new love and fulfilment

  • you will create harmony in your relationships not only with self but also with others

  • you will call in your soul family and soul connections 

  • you will activate your personal power and express yourself and your needs with an open, clear heart

  • you will align with your soul path

Are you ready to commit to yourself?

Are you ready to make this commitment to yourself? Are you ready to fly free and feel this sweet liberation for yourself? If your heart and soul are screaming 'YES' take action.

Yes this is scary, yes your life will change, yes there will be tears and heartache BUT once it all settles, you WILL feel more like YOURSELF than ever before!!

Believe me, I know how scary change can be. I have been through the dark night of the soul many times over and have always come out of the other side in complete awe and gratitude for the insights, for the changes and for the knowledge I have gained through it all. 

Is it time for you to Commit to Yourself?

Is it time for you to Step up into Yourself?

Is it time for you to Reclaim Yourself and Your Divinity?


If you have answered yes then sign up below. I am here for you and I will guide you gently through this process and would be honoured to do so.

Much Love & Blessings

Deena xXx