Heart and Soul offerings to help bring about transformational changes within your life. As a practitioner of Reiki and Crystal Healing, my belief is that we co-create the space to help healing and change occur. When you actively participate in your healing, this is when the real magic happens. Are you ready to create some magic in your life?

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Healing Sessions

During years of working with energy I have developed a personal healing session that I offer to clients. I call these sessions, the Spirit Weaver Sessions. 

In a Spirit Weaver Session you will experience deep relaxation, a clear understanding of who you are, a realignment of your Chakra system, clearing of your Energetic bodies and amongst other things transformation of blocked energy and the dissolution of old beliefs and patterns.  

Each session is different for the individual and will evolve in its own unique way, exactly as your Higher Self needs it to. 

The Spirit Weaver Sessions are also available via distance healing and will include a detailed report that will be emailed to you within 24 hrs once the sessions is completed.

In distance healing, you do not have to physically be there, the only thing you must absolutely do is give permission (which you do when you request one)

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Soul Songs

Soul songs are sung in Light Language and channelled for YOU. They are all individual and unique to each person and are likened to an activation of sounds which can help you connect more deeply with yourself. 

When you receive your own unique Soul Song, you can expect

  • deep transformational changes and activations at a Soul level.

  • to feel more at home within yourself

  • to remember your true Divine nature

  • to feel calmer as your nerves and Soul are soothed from the stresses of life.

  • to find comfort, strength and clarity on your soul path

  • to release that which no longer serve and support you on your soul path

  • to feel held and nurtured

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Four Directions Grid

Personalised Crystal Grids

As a child of the Earth, crystals are part of my magic. I have worked closely with crystals for the past 8 years developing a unique relationship and understanding of them, their uses and how they work with us and how they work together.

This journey with crystals has been nothing short of spectacular!

This offering consists of creating, activating and tending to Crystal Girds for You; for Your Intention; for Your Purpose. 

When making crystal grids, I rely on my intuition, the knowledge I have acquired over the years working with these remarkable crystals and of course I keep you and your intention first and foremost in mind.

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7 Month Transformational Chakra Program

The term Chakras refers to wheels of energy throughout our body. In Sanskrit, Chakra means 'Wheel of Light'.

There are seven major chakras in our etheric body which aligns the spine, starting from the base of the spine through to the crown of the head. Each chakra relates to specific levels of consciousness and certain traits throughout our life and they awaken and expand as we grow and learn through life experiences. Each chakra is the specific focal point of life force energy. 

In this Transformational Chakra Program we will be delving deep into each of our seven major chakra energy points. We will observe and dissolve vows associated with them, discover and re-program old belief systems and patternings. We will then set clear intentions to move forward enabling us to meet our true essence and also birth our life purpose into being.  


House & Business Clearings

Every now and again we can sense that the energy of our environment does not feel 'right'. There could be a lot of arguments in a household or your business just hasn't been flowing as it normally does. 

These clearings simply remove these unwanted energies that have been trapped or stagnated in your environment which have been blocking the flow of energy.  

I use sage, palo santo and Reiki energy when clearing a space.

After a clearing people usually remark on how much better the energy feels and have peaceful sleeps once again. For a business clearing, you might find that you receive more work or new opportunities or even that you yourself feel more creative. This is the magic of a clearing of your environment. 

Prices start at $150 for up to an hour and a half. Please note that each house is quoted based on the size of the house and what energies need to be cleared.