When Tears Are All There Is

Let's be honest, sometimes life is tough. It can sometimes feel like life has taken you by the hands and then face planted you in the dirt. You are left dazed and confused and most often scared and then the tears start to flow as you try to make sense of everything that has just happened. 

Today I am here to tell you to let those tears fall. Let them fall and fall until there are no more. Allow yourself this most sacred space so that you can heal. I have found more often than not, that in these times, tears are a vital step towards healing. There is sacredness in tears and they help to cleanse the soul in the same way a rainstorm helps to cleanse Mother Earth. They help to relieve stress, anxiety, sadness and grief. In other words, they remove the debris; the tangible, forceful emotions that have pooled within so that they can be released and we can find some peace and emotional relief. They help us to think clearly once they have passed so that understanding can occur. 

The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea
— Isak Dinesen

Dr William Frey, a Biochemist and “tear expert” at the Ramsey Medical Center in Minneapolis discovered that emotional tears have special health benefits, they contain everything a normal reflex tear (98% water) does but they also contain a stress hormone which through crying gets released from the body. This explains why tears help us to feel better as they are literally removing the built up stress hormone from our bodies. It has also been noted that tears stimulate the production of endorphins, the "feel good" hormone in our body. 

No wonder why having a good cry makes us feel better!

Tears Are Healing

So the next time you feel overwhelmed and as if you need a good cry, remember this,


Allow yourself the freedom to sink into those emotions and cry those healing, cleansing tears out. 

All My Love & Blessings

Deena xXx